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Custom Trailer Design – FAQ

We have created this list of questions after helping countless clients decide on what features they want in their custom tailgating trailers. If you can answer most of these questions, we can help you build your Ultimate Tailgating Solution. Still trying to answer a few, our designers can walk you through the details.

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Size of Trailers or Vehicle

Where are you going to park your trailer in the off-season?

How big of a party are your throwing? 10 people? 100 people?

Do you have any large items (heaters, fans, etc.) that you bring?

What kind of vehicle will you be towing it with?

Custom Audio Visual Installation Options

How many televisions do you want? What size?

Do you prefer DISH Network or DIRECTV Satellite Provider?

How loud of a sound system are you looking for?

      – Just loud enough to be heard around you, or heard in the next county

Do you want all of your televisions to work through the main sound system?

Do you want separate environment sound? (outside of your televisions)

What other A/V equipment do you want installed? (Gaming Console, etc.)

Custom Electronics and Vehicle Lighting

Do you need a generator? Or will you be plugging into shore power?

Would you like LED or fluorescent interior lighting?

Would you like LED exterior flood lights for night games?

Any accent lighting? (Under the trailer, inside the concession window, etc.)

Air Conditioners/Heaters?

Outlets – We install tons of outlets. Let us know if you need any in a specific location.

Towable Cooking Trailer Options

Do you need a BBQ? How many people will you be cooking for?



Would you like a small sink? (Typically used for hand washing and utensil cleaning)

Cooking Fuel Systems

Propane system for the cooking equipment

Do you need any external propane hook ups? (Exterior Heaters, etc.)

Will you be using your trailer for more than 8 hours? (Added fuel tank)

Popular Custom Trailer Options

Would you like a walk-on roof?

Do you need a Bathroom?

Ice Chest Slide Out?

Graphics Wrap?