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Meet The Team

Kevin Mims – Engineering

A former football player at Northwestern University. Kevin has a bachelor degree in Mechanical Engineering from Northwestern University and is the Head of Engineering at Imagi-Motive.

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Nick Faw – Head of Sales and Marketing

Nick graduated from Sam Houston State University with a Masters in History. Nick gained his experience in sales and marketing in the transportation industry while working for Ryder, and is now the face of Imagi-Motive. Nick and Kevin have known each other since they were teens. To talk to Nick, call our office and press 2.

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Kyle Soeder – President

Kyle has often been called a “gear head”, but his skills go far beyond turning wrenches (although he is VERY good at that too). Kyle is a graphic designer, network guru, and is one of the most knowledgeable aftermarket accessories people in the country. Kyle runs our shop and truck accessory line. To talk with Kyle, call our office and press 103.

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The Imagi-Motive Team Delivers Custom Solutions


We believe in our slogan. You Dream It. We Build It.


Every project is an exciting challenge.


If it plugs in or turns on, we build it.